How To Earn Over $ 1000 A Month From SEOClerks & Fiverr Dropshipping?

What is SEOClerks?

SEOClerks is a website similar to Upwork, Freelancer, etc., but it’s really affordable as it lets you buy services from just $ 1. You can resell Fiverr’s SEOClerks for $ 5 or more and earn $ 4 + without doing any business. (Final winnings are $ 4 because Fiverr charges $ 1 commission per gig)

Now, we will learn how to make money without doing any business and only by selling other people’s services. The main benefit is the fact that SEOClerks’ popularity is not as popular as platforms like Fiverr. So, sellers can take advantage of this factor and buy inexpensive services from SEOClerks, for example $ 1, $ 2, $ 5, $ 100, etc. and resell them on Fiverr at $ 5, $ 10, $ 50 and $ 500 respectively.

Let’s get started and find for you a basic example of backlinks in SEOClerks.

Example 1

SEOClerks – Get 300 High-Quality EDU Backlinks For $ 2

Now, let’s check out Fiverr for similar services.

Fiverr – I’m going to make 60 backlinks to build a strong Edu Gov government

As you can see, the seller has two orders in a cue. (At the time of writing this post) At $ 5, Fiverr Seller offers 60 EDU Backlinks. This means that by selling SEOClerks services on Fiverr, you can make a net profit of $ 2. Moreover, you don’t have to do any extra work to make a profit.

Example – 2

SEOClerks – Real 6-Month Human Targeted Website Traffic for $ 9

Let’s check out Fiverr for similar services.

Fiverr – I will provide 100,000 USA keywords, organic traffic, and it can be tracked with Google Adsense

As you can see, she also has 14 requests on Fiverr. (At the time of writing this post) she’s been selling 100,000 views for $ 30. So you can also earn $ 21 with reselling this gig without doing any business.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for SEOClerks and a Fiverr account and start making money today. Simply buy any popular services from SEOClerks and resell that service on Fiverr at a higher price. You don’t have to learn any services because the SEOClerks seller will do all the work for you and you just have to hand over the final report in Fiverr to the buyer. Now how easy is that?

Things to consider

Once you increase your 5th seller level, you will see more orders in your account and many customers will buy your services in Fiverr. So your profits will go up very quickly after you successfully complete the initial orders.

You must add an extra day or two at the time your service is listed on Fiverr. Assume SEOClerks seller offers 2 days full time. Set it 3-4 days on Fiverr to stay on the safe side. Ensure that you provide your services on time as late delivery can affect your profile negatively.

Fiverr has certain rules regarding the services you can sell on the platform. Make sure you stick to them and don’t sell the services they don’t allow.

So let’s start today and start earning over $ 1000 a month.

If there’s anything you think I missed – talk to me us in the comments below!

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